BDM Transport has a solid twenty-five year history of relocating personal and corporate property throughout the United States, with concentration in Southeastern Michigan. Our clients run the gamut from small businesses to major municipalities.






Our move management program is designed to expedite the relocation of any organization. By using the following steps:
  1. Complete a thorough, recorded walk-through with the individuals in charge of the relocation. Key personnel with the most knowledge should identify all areas requiring special attention. Instructions will be followed as given.
  2. Confirm set-up and availability of freight elevator and loading area.
  3. Coordinate key employees to determine the resources needed (i.e. packing materials, crates, and tools, where applicable). The number of crew members will be determined by the size of the relocation.
  4. Coordinate and confirm with key personnel, the set-up of all areas at the new location based on a drawing or schematic.
  5. Ensure that elevators are secured and padded, and that floors are protected, upon arrival at the “removal” site.
  6. Secure the documents to be transferred, before disassembly of racking system, (if applicable) in preparation for relocation to new location. This will ensure a smooth transition of the both the documents or items and the racking system to the new location.
  7. Ensure a successful relocation and re-assembly process.


The number of crewmembers will be determined by the size of the relocation.
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