BDM Transport was established in 1989 in the city of Detroit, Michigan by Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Marvin L. Eddins. With over thirty years of experience in the transportation industry and background as Lieutenant in the United States Army.

Mr. Eddins’ reputation as a trusted proprietor attributes to BDM Transport’s significant expansion. To this day BDM Transport, Inc. is one of the fastest growing transportation businesses in the United States.


BDM Transport humbly started with one truck and one crew operating residential moves, Mr. Eddins has molded and developed BDM Transport to become a renowned corporate relocation and logistics company operating with six trucks – each with a full crew.

Under the laws of the State of Michigan, BDM Transport was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 2000.


Mr. Eddins has grown annual contracts from one hundred thousand dollars to top annual contracts equaling over a Million Dollars in Gross Sales each year. The first commercial contract awarded to BDM Transport was by The Detroit Housing Commission over nineteen years ago; and today, the DHC is still a loyal client.